Agave Syrup

100% Organic Blue Agave Syrup

This natural fructose sweetener is made in Mexico exclusively from Blue Agave plants grown without chemical supplements. Agave syrup gets its sweetness from inulin, a “Super Fiber” prebiotic that is found naturally in agave plants. Through a simple heating, the inulin is converted into a sweet syrup which is then filtered through mesh strainers to preserve the syrup’s natural organic flavor. Our Organic Agave Syrup is nearly one and half times sweeter than refined sugar, yet unlike other sweeteners, it will not cause a spike in insulin. This “diabetic-safe” sweetener has a Low Glycemic Index of less than 20.  It is also a favorite honey substitute for plant-based recipes and vegan diets.  Our Organic Agave Syrup is great in smoothies, marinades, coffee, cocktails, baked goods, and countless other recipes that call for a bit of sweetness.

PSD can provide private labeling for our syrups.  Please contact us for more information.


To bring out the depth and richness of the blue agave flavor, our agave is slow roasted in cast iron ovens.  After roasting, our agave is macerated and squeezed to extract the agave nectar before fermentation.  The leftover fibers are returned to the earth as compost for the agave fields.


For full transparency, we ferment our agave nectar in open stainless-steel tanks.  Once fermented, our spirits are transferred into another stainless-steel tank for distillation.  Maintaining the process in open tanks allows us to keep careful watch over the progress and quality of our spirits.


After the distillation process, we filter our agave distillate for a cleaner and smoother product.  We then barrel-age our distillate to infuse a refined flavor profile into every bottle.  Each spirit is aged for a determined period of time to create superior beverages exclusive to The V Brands.