Organic Coffee

Our specialty coffee is artisan grown and cultivated with special care for our workers, our community, and our environment where our coffee is harvested in stewardship of the future generations to be able to enjoy coffee.

Our coffee beans come from a rural area in the Hills of Colombia. Known for its robust flavors and sweet caramel notes, we organically farm shade-grown arabica beans without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or any other petrochemicals in order to preserve the natural goodness of each bean.



Once the coffee cherries are harvested, the seeds of the coffea plant are removed to produce unroasted, raw green coffee beans.  The beans are then dried before they are roasted- a process that releases the flavor and aroma from within the raw beans to the surface.  The roasted beans must then be ground and steeped in hot water to distill a cup of coffee – the black, bitter, slightly acidic, caffeinated beverage we enjoy consuming the world over.

We offer our coffee as raw green beans, light roasted, medium roasted, and dark roasted beans.  Our roasted beans are available as whole or ground.

Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Cafe de origen ~ Ground medium roasted.

Artisan coffee grown in the mountains of Colombia, near the town of Pijao, Quindio.

Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Medium roasted Coffee, whole bean grown with techniques and organic processes.