HERENCIA HISTÓRICO Gran Reserva, Aged 15 Years

Herencia Historico Tequilas are made from 100% Mexican Blue Agave.

This Gran Reserva tequila is aged for 15 years in French Oak Casks to embody robust aromas of roasted almonds, coconut, and crème brulee. It has a
supple but fruity palate of toffee, chocolate, dried fruit, and medium spice notes.

Best as a sipping tequila and served at room temperature.

Pairs well with hard cheeses and dried fruits.

Tequila Gran Reserva

    • 100% Blue Agave
    • Alcohol Volume 40%
    • Cases of 6 bottles
    • 80 Cases per Pallet
    • Available in 750 ML Bottle Sizes
    • Limited Release, Rare Find