1. Perk up your greens with a flavorful coffee vinaigrette.

2. Make a flavorful (and caffeinated) rub with it.

A rub of ground coffee, paprika, cumin, herbs, chili, and garlic is great for adding a caramelized crust to any grilled meat. Get the recipe here.

3. Turn it into a butter and slather it on everything…

4. Or you could turn it into a jelly.

This unexpected jelly is great for topping toasts or glazing roasted ham (think red-eye gravy). Get the recipe here.

5. Make coffee-spiked waffles to kickstart your morning.

6. Make bacon infinitely better.

7. Blacken fish with it.

8. Use it as a mixer in your cocktails.

9. Spike your hot fudge with it.

10. Turn it into gravy for a southern-style breakfast.

Ham drippings and coffee might sound like a weird combination, but this classic gravy is a delicious way to start your day. Get the recipe here.

11. Add some brew to your barbecue with an unexpected marinade.

12. Turn leftover cold brew into a delicious dessert.